We are primarily designers. We are excited by discovery of design performance.

We don’t believe in disruption but in progress. We don’t break the envelope because we believe envelopes are imaginary.

We have minimal interest in pure research and don’t pursue IR&D or related contracts. We do not like writing government proposals.

We don’t write or sell software, relying almost exclusively on opensource and NASA codes along with proprietary specialty software.

If you need design for a product that moves in air or water or have one now that is not performing the way you hoped it would, we will help you make it right.

We will use every tool and method at our disposal to insure your success.

These include : sizing, CFD, wind tunnel and tow tank testing, subscale flight testing, loads development and aeroelastics, structural analysis and stress. We have years of experience in predicting full scale performance based on subscale test results. We have successfully developed aero loads on aircraft from planes to missiles for more than four decades.

Our primary CFD tools are Overflow and Chimera Grid Tools, Su2, OpenFoam and DAKOTA.
We have:

— designed engine inlets with an emphasis on performance AND cross flow capability

— designed watercraft and ship hulls using 2 phase free surface flow analysis with chimera overset scheme

— full uav/drone development at low Reynolds number aided by proprietary software for predicting laminar transition

— full scale flight performance prediction based on CFD and subscale wind tunnel and flight data

— designed specialty props for applications in both air and water

— autoclave flow optimization for part cure

— sized, located and designed sensor suites (radomes) on existing aircraft with with predicted performance and loads

Our rates are realistic and when we say we can do it, WE DELIVER AND ON TIME !