Zion AeroStructures is a team of dedicated engineering designers whose goal is to make your project a success. Our team represents more than 80 years combined experience in aerodynamic, hydrodynamic and structural design. We have done hundreds of wind tunnel tests at all flight regimes from very low Reynolds number to hypersonic aircraft. We know tow tank testing for hulls. We know and have used all the commercial CFD solvers but rely on opensource software so there is a never an issue with licenses. We know composites and stress analysis. We have an expert in composite fab who has spent decades dealing with off shore suppliers for composite parts.

We have designed wings, sails, hulls, complete aircraft including nacelles and inlets, auxiliary inlets for heat exchangers, high lift systems, sensor mods to existing air vehicles, and unmanned air vehicles. Every single day commercial airplanes and military aircraft fly with designs done by our team members.